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Natural wool with a sole of semi-vegetable tanned calfskin avoiding unnecessary chemicals and using only colours that are free of heavy metals and toxic dyes. They are prepared with a mixture of Gotland wool and with soft quality wool from New Zealand. They are also self cleaning - which means they are waterproof and sweat proof - so your feet will never smell. They work best worn against the skin so they recommend not wearing socks. 

  • 100% pure wool 
  • 100% no itch 
  • Breathable material - making it cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Lightweight 
  • Will stretch about half a size 
  • Washing Instructions (they are self cleaning but if cleaning is required follow these instructions) 
    • wash on a wool, hand wash or delicate setting
    • place your feet into the wet shoes
    • pat your Glerups into shape
    • remove your feet
    • leave to air dry 



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