Once upon a time, the slipper lived under the bed. The “bedroom” slipper was tired and dull or pink and fluffy and didn’t get out much. Then Nanny Glerups had a dream to free the slipper. “A slipper should be comfortable, natural, and fun!” Glerups feel at home just about anywhere. People take Glerups for overnights. Throw Glerups into a purse or pack to slip into at parties. Relax in Glerups on long flights. Get natural in Glerups around the campsite. Your Glerups go where you go. You’ll wish you could wear them everywhere!

Natural wool with a sole of semi-vegetable tanned calfskin avoiding unnecessary chemicals and using only colours that are free of heavy metals and toxic dyes. They are prepared with a mixture of Gotland wool and with soft quality wool from New Zealand. They are also self cleaning - which means they are waterproof and sweat proof - so your feet will never smell. They work best worn against the skin so they recommend not wearing socks. 

  • 100% pure wool 
  • 100% no itch 
  • Breathable material - making it cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Lightweight 
  • Will stretch about half a size 


  • Washing Instructions (they are self cleaning but if cleaning is required follow these instructions) 
    • wash on a wool, hand wash or delicate setting
    • place your feet into the wet shoes
    • pat your Glerups into shape
    • remove your feet
    • leave to air dry 
Size Guide: