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Our exclusive Wickie Collection is made from high end Viscose of BAMBOO. This incredibly natural smooth fabric is filled with micro gaps and Micro-holes allowing natural breathability and extreme moisture absorption and ventilation. Our bamboo fabric also possesses excellent natural functions of anti-bacteria, greatly different from that of chemical treated fabrics. The later often tend to cause skin allergy when added to apparel. Our Moda collection is extremely soft, lightweight, breathable and comfortable. One size fits most adults.

Features/Advantages: multiuse/multifunctional

  • uni-sex
  • super-soft bamboo
  • superior wind resistance
  • superior breathability
  • superior moisture-wicking
  • superior ventilation
  • colourfast textiles
  • highly durable
  • lightweight
  • eco-friendly
  • fast drying
  • naturally¬†hypoallergenic
  • woven with micro-gaps
  • seamless
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