It takes twenty nine years of hard work to build your reputation, but only twenty minutes to destroy it. It’s been a long and crazy ride, but we’ve put in our time. Traveling the world relentlessly searching for new artists to bring their exclusive designs to life. Relentlessly sticking to a core set of values of fair business practices. Twenty nine years of environmental responsibility, using only sustainable and recycled materials. We design all of our own products and then have those products sourced and made by our exclusive World Folk Artists — all by hand. It’s been twenty nine years of long days, long weeks and too much time away from home. We wouldn’t trade a minute of it.
When you purchase a World Folk Art product, you can rest assured that our label guarantees its Authenticity in every way: world ethics, exclusive design and traditional quality.
We meet directly and in-person with every artisan, weaver, knitter and supplier who will be involved with the creation of your hand-crafted beautiful World Folk Art design. Working directly with these families allows us to support their rural cultures and traditional lifestyles with an ethical intent that supports the people, culture and land they live on.
When you wear a World Folk Art product you are helping to build a better world. Seriously. It sounds trite and cliche, but it’s what we believe in. It’s how we’ve built our business so it’s not something we joke about. Plus, you receive the added benefit of garments and accessories that will show and wear beautifully for years to come.