Authentic Brave Apparel is a motivational apparel company that is dedicated to inspiring others facing difficult situations throughout life's journey. Co-founders, Kim and Scott started the company in 2016 based on their own personal challenges throughout life including mental health and infertility. Messages printed on their apparel feature motivational slogans aimed at inspiring others facing difficult times. Both co-founders have battled anxiety and depression and know all too well the social stigma that surrounds mental health issues. The two have also been open about their struggles with infertility and multiple unsuccessful attempts of IVF treatment, which only adds stress and anxiety to the already difficult situation. Dedicated to ending the social stigma, Kim and Scott want others to know that they are not alone in their journey and there is hope. As business owners, it is important to giveback to the community. Authentic Brave Apparel is committed to donating 5% of its profits to support mental health initiatives and help generate awareness. In life, we may not always have a choice on the challenges we face but we can choose how we face those challenges.